Dental clinic in Marijampolė
We are a private family dental clinic in Marijampolė. We provide all dental services from prophylaxis to dental implantation and prosthodontics.

Our purpose – long time care of every patients oral health and aesthetic smile
Specialized dental clinic
Our clinic staff is collected of specialized team. We work together to provide wide selection of professional, odontology services from dental care to recreation of lost oral structures. Our team consists of general practice dentists, orthopedists, oral surgeons, endodontists, orthodontists and oral hygienists.
20 years of experience and patients trust
Clinic was founded in 1997 by doctor odontologist Asta Balciuniene.

Our 24 year clinical experience and constant integration of innovations into our treatment methods is reflected in our work and smiles of our patients.
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Main dental and oral care should be carried out at home rather than in the dentist’s consulting room. It is very important to start proper care and constant professional observation after sprouting of first teeth. Problems that are noticed early are easy to solve, even if it’s tooth decay, inflammation of the gums or tooth growth disorders. It is recommended to visit dentist 1 – 2 times per year (depending on recommendations of doctor). During examination, dentist or oral hygienist will give advice on how to take care of your teeth and after discovering deficiencies of oral hygiene, will help to eliminate them.


At the time of prophylactic visit or consultation of odonatologist of specific field, we carry out clinical diagnostics and X-ray examinations (dental X-rays, panoramic and cone- beam (3D) computer tomography). It is diagnostics of dental and periodontal diseases, occlusion problems, muscular and temporal bone – mandible joint disorders.

Professional oral hygiene

Do you know what over-gum and under-gum concretions are? It is hard, mineralized dental plaque which cannot be removed with toothbrush. This plaque, other known as dental stones, obstruct teeth cleaning, causes inflammation of gums, increases formation of caries, tooth sensitivity and causes bad breath. These problems can be prevented with regular help of oral hygienist, also oral hygienist can create conditions for self-cleaning of teeth or to clean the teeth at home. World health organization recommends carrying out professional oral hygiene once per half of year, but frequency of procedure is recommended individually during prophylactic visit. Also individual prophylactic program can be adopted, suitable care products are determined for home use.

Caries treatment

Caries is loss of minerals in tooth’s hard tissues, caused by acidic medium in oral cavity or a difficult to clean place. When caries is diagnosed in early stages, it can be stopped by using prophylactic methods. When caries causes tooth surface defects (openings in tooth tissues), such defects must be treated. Usually it is done by removing damaged tooth tissues and replacing them with restorative material by trying to retain natural bio architecture, functional and aesthetic features.



Sometime one or several teeth need to be removed. Sometime temporary teeth don’t want to fall out and need some help or it might be that wisdom teeth cannot sprout because of lack of space; therefore they need to be removed. If tooth decays down the root and cannot be properly repaired, it should be also removed. This is decided by dentist orthopedist and oral surgeon. Our clinic performs surgery of wisdom teeth removal as well as regular teeth removal with instant implantation or long term prosthesis in order to achieve minimum amount of bone loss, so that masticatory system damage would be prevented.


Bone preservation and reconstruction

If tooth crown or root is damaged, nearby oral tissues can develop inflammation and resorbtion of bone. After tooth removal, bone and gum tissue is not always enough for implantation or quality prosthesis. We perform all procedures of bone reconstruction and plastic surgery of gums: sinus lifting operation, lateral bone augmentation, transplantation of bone block, correction of gum contour, replantation, coating of recessions, therefore bone tissues can be restored and missing gums can be formed before implantation.



Most reliable and innovative method of recreating lost teeth is implantation. After removal of tooth, titan helical implant is implanted into place of lost tooth. After connecting it, tooth crown is fully recreated and function, aesthetics of lost tooth is restored. Many scientific studies and implant manufacturers state that there is 98 % chance of engraftment of implant. It is also evident in our medical practice. Clinically performed instant tooth implantations with instant prosthesis (prosthesis with temporary teeth) as well as subsequent implantations after complete healing of bone are successful and exceed patient’s expectations. We collaborate with best implant manufacturers (“Megagen”, “Straumann”, „Neodent“, „Nobel Biocare“), therefore we can offer best solution for individual situation of the client.



Teeth prosthesis is used when dentists cannot recreate damaged structures of tooth and need help of laboratory technicians. This includes reconstruction of lost masticatory structures, micro-prosthesis using inlays, overlays and veneers, dental prosthesis using crowns and bridges, implant prosthesis, also manufacturing of removable denurs. Our objective is to recreate and maintain natural masticatory function and teeth aesthetics by doing as little as possible damage to healthy tissues and using materials that are closest in their composition to natural dental tissues.


Functional and aesthetic composite reconstructions

In case of small defects of hard tissues of tooth, when larger part of tooth crown is intact, for example, dental attrition, teeth are recreated by using filigs. It is carried out by using resin composite with very little damage to dental tissues.

Lost occlusion height and functional teeth anatomy (by using teeth waxing technique) can be fixed using this method.

In our clinic, we use exceptionally durable and long lasting teeth restoration materials, its functional and aesthetic attributes are very similar to that of hard tissues of natural teeth.

Microscopic dentistry

Teeth root treatment, especially repeated treatment without special equipment can be very difficult. Doctors of our clinic specialize in treatment of tooth root canals by using dental microscope. This device allows them to diagnose defects of teeth tissues, evaluate condition of teeth and risk of prosthesis procedure, also to perform periodontal surgery.



Orthodontic treatment is straightening of teeth. This treatment is carried out not only for aesthetic reasons, because correct position of teeth is very important for health of teeth and all masticatory system. It is very important to notice inappropriately forming occlusion during the sprouting of teeth and use prophylactic measures as early as possible. Before formation of permanent occlusion, treatment with removable dentures can be applied. After formation of permanent dentition it is only possible to do teeth straightening with braces or orthodontic aligners (we work with Ordoline aligners system

Straightening of teeth is also sometimes needed because of change of positions of tooth after teeth loss, elongation of teeth or dental attrition.

Aesthetic dermatology

Corrections of soft facial tissues can be carried out by using injections. High line of smile or formation of wrinkles can be reduced with injections of botulinum toxin. This substance will temporarily reduce the activity of facial muscles. Also these injections can help those, who suffer from teeth grinding (Bruxism). Hyaluronic and other substances can be used to remove face wrinkles or indentations, enrich the deep layers of skin.


Asta Balčiūnienė

Founder of the clinic, dentist

Aida Petruškevičienė

Clinic administrator

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Jovita Balčiūnienė


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Rimgailė Rinkevičiūtė


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Tautvydas Valiulis


Algirdas Balčiūnas


Indrė Agentienė


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Ieva Petravičienė


Paulius Petravičius

Oral surgeon

Ignas Antanavičius

Oral surgeon

Indrė Straleckienė

Oral hygienist

Greta Marčiulaitytė

Oral hygienist

Gabrielė Juodytė

Oral hygienist

Laura Asipavičiūtė

Oral hygienist